siiimple’s top 9 for 2009

since it seems like it’s the thing to do to make lists at the end of each year, we thought it would be appropriate to choose our own favorite designs for 2009. we decided to narrow it down to the top 9 – which, in most cases, are the designs that inspired us throughout the year in one way or another. these are the designs we find ourselves continually going back to for this or that detail or method or visual inspiration…

9. the morning news
the morning news

8. linden tibbets

7. detail

6. konst & teknik

5. joe nyaggah

4. dustin curtis

3. a way back

2. mnmlist

it’s not an easy to task to keep up with mr. hobday’s seemingly daily revisions – but if you’re up to the task, it’s worth watching the evolution of his design. it seems that – somehow – with each revision or update, stuart hobday refines his site even more, makes it cleaner, sharper, simpler. And not only that – but his content is cool. he gets the top spot of 2009.

1. stuart hobday