Top 10 of 2010

Honestly, selecting the top 10 of this past year was kind of difficult. There seem to be so many that could qualify, but, ultimately, I had to choose. The following are those that I chose, but feel free to voice your own opinion.

There are two Stuart Hobday designs, but I don’t know how one could legitimately compile a top ten list of minimalist designs without including Stuart’s work. He got the top design last year, and this year his work ranked two in the the top ten.

I consider Trent Walton & Frank Chimero master design artists. I’m just happy to be able to learn from their work and design skill- so it’s really my honor to feature them – and on some small level, it’s simply nice to be able to show my appreciation for their great talents.

Thanks to all who have submitted their own minimalist designs over this past year! Hopefully next year Siiimple will prove an even cooler guide to great minimalist designs…(sorry for the pun)…

10. Over Under Design -Permalink

Over Under Design

9. Mark Delamere-Permalink

Mark Delamere

8. HicksDesign-Permalink

Hicks Design

7. Agenda 22-Permalink

Agenda 22

6. 31three-Permalink


5. Stuart Hobday-Permalink

Stuart Hobday

4. Spencer Fry-Permalink

Spencer Fry

3. Trent Walton-Permalink

Trent Walton

2. Frank Chimero-Permalink

Frank Chimero

1. Cool and the Guide-Permalink

Cool and the Guide