Re-design, Thank You

If you’ve been a visitor to Siiimple over the past year, you may have noticed the redesign.  The idea was to keep to the same minimal, white-space feel – but add a little more emphasis on navigation.  Also, Siiimple’s blog will be used a little more frequently to showcase other minimalist designs – not specifically related to web design, but a wide range of minimalist stuff. The blog (or notebook as I prefer to call it, since I hate the word ‘blog’) will be updated more frequently than it has in the past – so keep an eye for updates. 

From the beginning we’ve been using – with a few customizations – a theme developed by Justin Tadlock over at Woo Themes called Snapshot.  So the first thank you goes to Justin and Snapshot for getting Siiimple off and running.  I never planned on starting a css gallery, since there are so many and so many simply don’t last – but I was inspired by and felt there was room for another gallery. 

The next thank you goes out to Vladimir Carrer, who is an exceptional designer in his own right.  He built The Golden Grid, which Siiimple owes a lot of gratitude – since all the custom themes are built on his grid framework.  Out of all the other grid systems, I found Vladimir’s system to be most intuitive and easy to customize.  So naturally, I used it on the redesign.  Thanks again, Vladimir!

Finally, I owe another thank you to Huseyin Berberoglu, whose My Favorite Post plugin is being implemented throughout.  He was very kind enough to tweak his code to allow post images be saved, rather than text posts – which is more useful for other blogs not so heavily dependent on imagery. 

I decided to add this feature since I discovered that many of my favorite designs were getting a bit lost in the mix – though I appreciate all the designs…there are a select few that I would like to put aside and keep for later study.  It seemed a useful addition.  Hopefully you feel the same way.  All you have to do is quickly sign up on the top left, get your password, and you can have your own page dedicated to all your saved and most valued minimalist designs.

On a purely self-congratulating note, I’d like to mention that Siiimple has been steadily growing over the past 5-6 months, and has reached under 100k alexa rankings (if that means anything, who knows)!  Hopefully it will continue to grow, and thanks to everyone who keeps coming back!