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I’ve been obsessed with graphic design even before I knew what graphic design was all about. It was around 1992 when I received my first personal computer, the Macintosh LC. Interestingly enough, the root of my passion for design could be stemmed from this very moment. As the computer had been preinstalled with programs like Kid Pix and MacPaint, I was bound to spend hours drawing and animating (with a small “hack” I discovered in Kid Pix). Soon enough, I grew tired of these applications and moved on to a heftier graphics program, Aldus Superpaint. This could be considered my stepping stone into the realm of graphic design. The powerful tools and interface allowed me to create anything I envisioned from scratch. While most of the creations were worthy of a 10-year old doodling mindless drawings and designs, it became an obsession for me.